Easy Exit

The Cowan Connection Exit Strategy

When we say Easy Exit … we mean it. The Cowan Connection Team is not like most realtors/real estate teams that want to tie you up in a long-term contract. At The Cowan Connection, our goal is to sell your home for top dollar with a minimum amount of time on market. Our job is to keep you engaged and communicate with you throughout every step of the process. This goes from price and marketing to showing activity and feedback. That’s why we make it easy for you to get out of your listing agreement. We always want you to remember that…we work for you! This keeps us on our toes, responsive to your needs and working hard to get your property sold. Our commitment to sell your house is taken very seriously by every member of our team, but if you are unsatisfied…FIRE US. The reality is that it rarely happens. Most of our clients are so pleased with our work, they refer us to their friends and family, so that we can help them sell their home. Give us a call today to put us to work for you!