Popping By To Update You About The Current Real Estate Market

#TeamCowan Pop By Real Estate Gifts

Pop-By Gifts Are A Special Thing We Do For Prospective Clients

Real Estate is our business but building relationships is what we really want to do. It’s difficult reaching home owners  and standing out without making every effort to get out there in the neighborhoods and introduce ourselves face to face. We, The Cowan Connection Team,  have established relationships in almost every area we market. This way most people are familiar with us or better yet already know us personally as we pop-by to say hello.

The picture above is an example of a pop by gift we are leaving our valued homeowners this month. It is a simple bag of popcorn with our label on the front of the bag that says “Looking To Sell? Find Out What Your Home Is Worth –TeamCowan.SmartHomePrice.com“. This simple tip is great because the homeowner may be curious to find out what thier home is worth and now they can find out for free.

The card we attach says “Popping By To Update You About The Current Real Estate Market!”. Clever, cute and hopefully something the homeowner will enjoy enough to think of us next time they hear of someone looking to buy or sell thier home and recommend us or reach out to us when they are ready as well.

We know homeowners are already bombarded with ads and mailings and we beleive pop by gifts are a great way to reach some of the people  in a more personal, friendly way. No need to get all dolled up, we are not there to run for Mayor. We simply want to make a quick connection, The Cowan Connection, to say hello and answer any questions you might have about your neighborhood, market value in Cobb County, home repairs or general real estate questions. If you don’t have any questions, we just want to say hello and let you know we are here for you if you need us!

We have a Pinterest board that we will be adding all of our pop by ideas to for your enjoyment.

Follow The Cowan Connection ‘s board Pop By Gifts from Team Cowan on Pinterest.

If you live in East or West Cobb then you may see one of our pop by gifts hanging from your doorknob. We hope you will be home so we can have a quick chat just to introduce ourselves to you, but if not please enjoy the popcorn!

Looking to buy or sell your home in Cobb County or Metro Atlanta? Find Out What Your Home Is Worth and then give us a call (678) 631-1758.

Thank you!

Tim & Jennifer Cowan

Search for your dream home at TheCowanConnectionTeam.com or fill out this quick form so we can help you fastest.

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